Percussion Ensemble

Virginia Tech Percussion Ensemble (VTP), directed by Dr. Annie Stevens, is a university ensemble open to music majors and non-majors by audition in the fall semester. VTP performs a wide body of repertoire from classical transcriptions and chamber works to traditional West African drumming music and large percussion orchestra pieces. The ensemble features several guest artists throughout the year and students have the opportunity to participate in masterclasses with visiting guests artists on several occasions.

​August 31, 2016
Masterclass with Duo Tierra Fria:
Connor Stevens and Brant Blackard
Room 243, Squires

September 23, 2016
Havana All-Stars
Room 243, Squires

September 30, 2016
Jagwa Music
Room 243, Squires

October 29, 2016
VTP Fall Concert
Haymarket Theatre, Squires Student Center
Virginia Tech

November 6, 2016
Stuart Gerber, percussion
Stephen Drury, piano
Performance of Stockhausen's Kontakte​
The CUBE at the Moss Arts Center

November 8, 2016
Escape Ten PASIC Preview Concert
Recital Salon, Virginia Tech

February 28, 2017
Resonance on the Walls II
Annie Stevens, percussion
Virginia Tech Percussion Ensemble
The CUBE at the Moss Arts Center

March 25, 2017
All-Day Virginia Tech Percussion Festival
High School Percussion Ensemble Invitational
Final Concert: 6:00pm
Fife Theatre, Moss Arts Center


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View a recently released dynamic music video of the Virginia Tech Percussion Ensemble, directed by Annie Stevens, of Shared Space by Ivan Trevino. The video features the ensemble performing in prominent locales around Virginia Tech and Blacksburg including the War Memorial, Horticulture Garden, Henderson Lawn, VT Recording Studio, and Heritage Park.  As a collaborative project between students and faculty, Annie Stevens is the director and producer of the audio recording, Ryan Vazquez (junior, music technology and Applied Economic Management: International Trade and Development) is the recording engineer, and Steven Arnold (sophomore music education and music performance) is the video editor. The performers include: Steven Arnold (sophomore, music education and music performance), JD Grizzle (senior, music education and music performance), Chris Hochella (junior, music performance), Jesse Hughes (sophomore, music education and music performance), Joshua Morrison (sophomore, music education and music technology), Laura Moniuszko (sophomore, music education and music performance), Denver Nuckolls (sophomore, music performance and music technology).

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Non-major students are encouraged to participate in the Symphony Band. Contact Dana Biggs to inquire about the Symphony Band percussion auditions.

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