Haymarket Theatre, Squires

The Haymarket Theatre is a 500-seat proscenium theatre, located on the 2nd floor of Squires Student Center.

With continental seating and a 34'-wide proscenium, the Haymarket is the ideal venue for traditional staging configurations.

The theatre is fully equipped with sound, lighting, and a fly rail, and dressing rooms are located underneath the stage for easy access.

Wheelchair seating is located in right of the house.

Technical details

  • The Haymarket has 36 single purchase linesets, a winch driven teasor, torms and first electric, and a hydraulic pit/apron lift that sinks to 18 feet below stage level. Grid height is 45 feet.
  • Velour masking, sky drops, scrims, and sky sized black and white RP screens are available stock.
  • Lighting is from two FOH positions; four box boom positions, and onstage electrics.
  • Lighting control distribution is dimmer per circuit (188 dimmers/circuits).
  • Available consoles include ETC EOS and ETC ION. Lighting fixture inventory includes 400+ focusing units including ETC Source Four (various focal lengths), Arri Fresnels, Altman 360Q (various focal lengths), Altman PAR 64, L&E Cyc Lights, Altman Mini-Strips & Desisti HMI Fresnels.
  • Movers include (2) ETC Revolutions and (4) VL 4000 Spot Luminaires.
  • Projection equipment includes Pani BP-2 Incandescent (2) and Pani BP-1.2 HMI large format scenic projectors (2), Sanyo and Mitsubishi high-contrast video projectors (5), and (3) Christie 10K DLP Projectors. DMX controlled dousers and WATCHOUT Version 5 Presentation software with dedicated Shuttle computers.
  • Sound support is via portable racks containing distribution, equalization and effects processing with Crown amplifiers.
  • Sound mix is via an Allen & Heath GL2-S 22x2 mixing console. Playback is available in any traditional medium, or as digital data from computer.
  • Speakers include options by JBL and Klipsch. Sound editing utilizes Digidesign hardware, ProTools 7.3 LE, and QLab run on Apple computers.
  • Automation equipment includes an extensive collection of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, DC motors with chain stages, Arduinos and microcontrollers, a Creative Connors Revolver motor kit, and a Creative Connors Pushstick V2 scenery moving kit. In addition there is a small devoted Electro-Mechanical Laboratory for building and repairing equipment.

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