Music General - Liberal Arts

This program provides high-quality training along with an excellent liberal arts education. Students in this program often pursue a second or dual degree.


Learning is enhanced by: the use of music technology across the curriculum and innovative programs like laboratory ensembles and hands-on teaching experiences in the music education program.

Private Lessons: Each student will be provided weekly lessons with their applied teacher and will expand artistic and technical abilities on the student's instrument or voice.

In-depth Education: Many classes are restricted only for music majors, which allow students to go further in-depth on certain topics ranging from music literature and pedagogy to advanced theory.

Participation within Ensembles: As part of the curriculum, students are encouraged to get involved in a variety of music ensembles. Ensembles also provide students with performance experiences beyond our campus: from singing in Italy with the Chamber Singers to playing in Carnegie Hall with the Symphonic Wind Ensemble.

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A Student's Thoughts

"What I loved most about the double-major was taking an aspect or skill I learned in one field and applying it to the other. For example, brainstorming is a huge component of engineering. With music, you really need to have a creative mind in order to hear the story or mood of the piece." -Caroline Richards, Music General and Civil and Environmental Engineering, Class of 2015

Careers in Music: 

  • Professional Performer
  • Music Educator
  • Film Scoring
  • Music Business
  • Arts Management
  • Music Therapist
  • Music Journalist

Studying music develops skills in creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and working in collaboration - - skills that are essential in today's workplace.

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