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School of Performing Arts auditions are open to all. 

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Theatre/Cinema auditions and opportunities

All theatre auditions are open to all.

SPAP, a new VT sketch group

My name is Matt McDonough, and I am the head writer of the new VT sketch group, SPAP. If you are unfamiliar with the term sketch comedy, it is an art form that consists of short, original comedic sketches (in the vein of SNL, Kids in the Hall, Monty Python, Mr. Show, etc). We are looking for actors, writers and filmmakers for our 2018-2019 show on Thursday, Sept. 27 from 6-10pm in the Henderson Hall Ensemble Room (3rd Floor). You can be all three, but you would have to submit something different for each position.


Actors: A prepared 60-second monologue that shows off you and your talents is encouraged, but not required. Cold readings and a brief interview will take up the majority of your audition. Please come warmed-up, if possible.

Writers: Please bring a piece of sample writing that you have done, preferably sketch comedy, but not limited to that by any means. It should show off your brand of humor, writing style, etc. The sample writing and the interview will take up the majority of your initial audition. Follow-ups may take place if necessary.

Filmmakers: Please bring/send us a piece(s) of film that shows off your talent as an artist. The film and the interview will take up the majority of your audition.


Email Matt McDonough with a preferred 10-minute time slot, positions that you are applying for and contact information.  We will do our best to work with your schedule.

If you are unable to attend the audition, please email and we can set up something at another time.

"not your doll"

Conceived and directed by Nicole Dietze (T101 Workshop)

Auditions on Sept. 28 5p-9p in Theatre 101.

Rehearsals begin on Oct. 8, tech on Oct. 22 and 23, and performances in Theatre 101 on Oct. 24-26. 

"not your doll" is a devising project that is inspired by "A Doll's House." In "A Doll's House," housewife Nora realizes that throughout her roles as daughter, wife and mother, she has been a mere plaything in a world controlled by men. Nora chooses instead to honor her most sacred duties: the duties to her self. 

"not your doll" will examine the ways in which society creates and enforces gender roles and identities as well as the methods individuals use to create their own identities. Select scenes from "A Doll's House" will function as a framework for the project. The cast and director will also create new material together from their responses to "A Doll's House," improvisations, and movement sequences.

What to Prepare: A story/tale of your childhood that you find memorable or a poem, in any form, (under 60 seconds) that intrigues you. If your childhood story or poem do not connect to themes of gender and identity, please also prepare something that expresses your perspectives on those themes (e.g. a monologue, or a piece of your own writing, or a song, or a movement sequence). Dress to move. There will also be an ensemble movement audition.

Be prepared to be available until 9pm for callbacks.

Please sign up for the first open 10-minute appointment on the callboard (1st floor Henderson, outside Design Lab classroom)

If you have questions about the nature of this project or its process, please contact the director, Nicole Dietze.

"Foreign Gifts" by Nina Kossman

Auditions on Sept. 28 5p-9p in Theatre 101 for first year MFA directing project, directed by Amy Baldwin. Rehearsals begin on Oct. 8; performances are Nov. 13, 14, 15 in Theatre 101.

This short play takes in hand the topics of capitalism, socialism, education, family, & loyalty through the lens of young siblings.  What or who is “foreign?” What is it to be seen and heard just for who you are?

"[title of show]"

Auditions on Nov. 27 and 28. Co-directed by Greg Justice and Jessica Jordan. T101 Workshop Series.

"The Foreigner"

Auditon dates tbd. This Mainstage comedy by Larry Shue is directed by Susanna Rinehart.

"As You Like It"

Auditions on Feb. 5 and 6 for this Mainstage Series event. By William Shakespeare; directed by Natasha Staley.


Music Ensemble Auditions

Bands:   All students, regardless of major, are welcome to participate in the bands and orchestras at Virginia Tech. 

Audition Letter and Sign-up Information
VT Wind Ensemble and NRVSO Audition Schedule 

All auditions for the Wind Ensemble and New River Valley Symphony Orchestra wind section will be blind with required excerpts. Please use the links below to download a PDF audition packet that contains the audition excerpts for your instrument. Auditions will take place Aug. 19 and Aug. 22 in Squires 243. Sign up for an audition for the New River Valley Symphony Orchestra or the Wind Ensemble here.
Audition Packet (WE/NRVSO) - Piccolo
Audition Packet (WE/NRVSO) - Flute
Audition Packet (WE/NRVSO) - Oboe
Audition Packet (WE/NRVSO) - Clarinet
Audition Packet (WE/NRVSO) - Bassoon
Audition Packet (WE/NRVSO) - Saxophone
Audition Packet (WE/NRVSO) - Trumpet
Audition Packet (WE/NRVSO) - Horn
Audition Packet (WE/NRVSO) - Tenor Trombone
Audition Packet (WE/NRVSO) - Bass Trombone
Audition Packet (WE/NRVSO) - Euphonium
Audition Packet (WE/NRVSO) - Tuba
Audition Packet (WE/NRVSO) - Percussion

Symphony Band auditions will take place during the first and second week of classes. A sign-up sheet to schedule Symphony Band auditions will be on the door of Squires 241 before classes begin. If you are only auditioning for Symphony Band, you do not need to go through the audition process for the New River Valley Symphony Orchestra and the Wind Ensemble. However, there are required excerpts for Symphony Band auditions, so please be sure to download them below.
Audition Packet (SB) - Flute
Audition Packet (SB) - Oboe
Audition Packet (SB) - Clarinet
Audition Packet (SB) - Bassoon
Audition Packet (SB) - Saxophone
Audition Packet (SB) - Trumpet
Audition Packet (SB) - Horn
Audition Packet (SB) - Tenor Trombone
Audition Packet (SB) - Bass Trombone
Audition Packet (SB) - Euphonium
Audition Packet (SB) - Tuba
Audition Packet (SB) - Percussion

If you have any questions or concerns regarding wind and percussion auditions, please contact Jonathan Caldwell, the conductor of the Wind Ensemble. String players should schedule their auditions separately with James Glazebrook, the conductor of the New River Valley Symphony Orchestra. Interested string players should also see the New River Valley Symphony Orchestra audition notice below.

The Virginia Tech Choirs are open to all Virginia Tech students, undergraduate or graduate, of any major. The choirs sing the finest choral repertoire from all time periods and genres, frequently performing on their own and combined with all VT Choirs, the Blacksburg Master Chorale, and orchestra to perform major works with orchestra.


An audition is required for each choir. Auditions for Tech Men and Women’s Chorus are held during the first week of classes each semester (fall and spring). Auditions for Chamber Singers are ONLY held on the first Monday-Wednesday of FALL semester (no open auditions in spring). Specific audition sign-up times will be posted on each conductor’s doors no later than the Thursday before each semester. To reserve your audition time, sign up on the audition schedule posted by each conductor’s door. For the audition, you will be asked to:

  • Vocalize throughout your range on five-note scales. 
  • Listen to a brief (four-note) melody on the piano and be able to sing it back as accurately as possible.
  • Sing My Country ‘Tis of Thee (find the music/words/piano accompaniment here) If this song is completely unfamiliar, you may sing the melody to Amazing Grace.
  • Consideration for Chamber Singers requires a sight-reading test. Sight-reading is not always required for Tech Men or Women’s Chorus.

Chamber Singers - Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays, 3:35 to 5:15 p.m.
Conducted by Dr. Dwight Bigler

  • Chamber Singers is the most select choral ensemble on campus. Auditions for Chamber Singers only happen in fall semester. If you are interested in being considered for Chamber Singers, you must:
    •  Complete your audition on the first Monday–Wednesday of fall semester. The call-back list will be posted by noon on Wednesday. Call backs are held, by section, during the scheduled Chamber Singers rehearsal time Wednesday afternoon.
    • Be able to commit to singing in Chamber Singers for the entire school year.
  • The Virginia Tech Chamber Singers have performed at VMEA and ACDA conferences, the Washington National Cathedral, and Carnegie Hall.
  • The Chamber Singers have toured internationally, performing throughout Ireland in 2015 and Italy in 2012. Our next tour is to Spain in May 2019.
  • We have collaborated with the American Opera Theater and regularly perform with the New River Valley Symphony Orchestra.

Tech Men - Mondays & Thursdays, 5:30 to 6:55 p.m.
Conducted by Mr. Jeb Sturgill

  • This brotherhood of singers is an audience favorite, performing music from the Renaissance to Barbershop and vocal jazz, spanning diverse international cultures.
  • With a sound uniquely our own, we infuse concerts with richness of harmony, humor, and inspiring majesty.
  • We frequently join the other VT choirs to perform major works for choir and orchestra.

Women's Chorus - Mondays & Wednesdays, 5:30 to 6:55 p.m. 
Conducted by Dr. Hyesoo Yoo

  • Our Women's Chorus is a dynamic organization specializing in the wonderfully diverse repertoire for women's voices.
  • We frequently join the other VT choirs to perform major works for choir and orchestra.

Have you sung in a Virginia Tech Choir before?

  • All singers must re-audition each Fall Semester. If you are in a choir during Fall Semester, you do not need to re-audition for Spring Semester.


Jazz Ensembles: Auditions for small and large jazz ensembles are held every semester prior to the beginning of classes and are open to all students regardless of major. All students that wish to participate in a jazz ensemble MUST audition. Auditions include prepared excerpts, sight reading, instruments specific skills (comping, walking bass lines, etc.), and improvisation (optional). Auditions are announced via e-mail, social media, and this website (; Sign up for the Fall 2018 audition here. The fall 2018 jazz ensemble audition packet may be found here. For additional questions, contact Jason Crafton.

New River Valley Symphony: To schedule an audition, come to Professor Glazebrook's office (242S Squires) on the day you check in and make an appointment. Auditions may also be scheduled by email or telephone (540) 231-8501. Auditions will be heard daily during the first week of classes.  Be prepared to play a piece or an etude. You will not have to sight read, but you may be asked to play a scale or two. Pick something that shows your sound, pitch, rhythm and phrasing; it shouldn't be the hardest thing you know, but the one that puts you in the best light. If you are a wind player planning to audition for the NRVS and also the Symphonic Wind Ensemble or Symphony Band, you will play one combined audition for a panel of all the directors. Email James Glazebrook for details and specific audition requirements.

L2Ork (Laptop Orchestra): Students are admitted on first-come basis. All those interested  will be asked to attend the first meeting each fall to learn more about laptop orchestra and what is involved in joining the ensemble. Students participating will have an opportunity to tour and perform existing works, help shape new performance tools and approaches, as well as compose their own works for the ensemble. The enrollment limit is 15. The ensemble class meets in the Center for the Arts' ICAT Perform studio Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-7pm. Individuals who never played an instrument before are just as welcome as virtuoso musicians. Questions? Contact Ivica Ico Bukvic.

Brass Ensembles

Low Brass Ensembles - For information about the Virginia Tech Trombone Ensemble and VTubas (the Virginia Tech Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble), please contact Jay Crone regarding auditions and registration information. Rehearsals take place on Wednesday evenings in Squires Student Center.
Horn Ensemble - The Horn Ensemble is open to French horn players interested in playing music written and arranged for multiple horns.  A Google search for London Horn Sound or Vienna Horns will yield some good characteristic examples of the music we play. It is open to new members with the permission of the instructor.  You can receive one hour of academic credit.  Meets Wednesday evenings at 8:15 in room 243 during the fall semester and 8:00 PM in room 243 during the spring semester. For more information, please contact Wallace Easter.

Low String Ensemble: Auditions are held during the second week of the semester. For information on what to prepare for the audition, please contact Alan Weinstein.

Percussion Ensemble: Open to all Virginia Tech students, both undergraduate and graduate. Auditions will take place in the percussion studio (Squires 249) at the beginning of each fall semester (check back for specific time). Interested students need to request an audition time by sending an email to Annie Stevens. Students should prepare a concert or rudimental snare drum etude or solo and a marimba, vibraphone, or xylophone etude or solo. Sight reading will be asked on both snare drum and mallets.

Chamber Ensembles: TBA

The Symphony Band, under the direction of Chad Reep, performs a variety of works from traditional wind band repertory to contemporary works. Ensemble participation is open to all students through audition each semester.  The group performs four concerts on campus each year and regularly shares programs with the Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Campus Band.  Ensemble Size is approximately 60 members.  The meeting times are Tuesday & Thursday, 3:30–4:45 p.m. (Fall); 5:00–6:30 p.m. (Spring).

The Campus Band, under the direction of David McKee, is a non-auditioned concert band that rehearses one night weekly during the spring semester. The ensemble provides an opportunity for students who wish to play in a concert band with a lighter time commitment than the other ensembles. The ensemble performs a variety of works from the wind band repertory, including contemporary and traditional wind band works, transcriptions, and marches.  The Campus Band performs one concert on campus each spring.  Instrument Rental: Bassoon, bass clarinet, tenor and baritone saxophone, euphonium, and tuba may be rented for a small fee each semester.  The ensemble size is approximately 60–80 members.  

Music for the Stage:  Opera and Theatre is an ensemble open to all desirous to sing and shine on the stage!  Auditions take place the first day of class and consist of one song that best highlights your vocal and acting ability. Auditions aid the directors in choosing appropriate repertory for the student; they do not dictate entrance into the ensemble.  For more information, please contact Brian Thorsett.

Music Admissions Auditions

Each candidate for admission to the University as a music major is required to perform an audition. Press here for Music Majors Admissions and Auditions  Form.  For  music admission and scholarship audition dates and details please go to our Music Admissions page.

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