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Are you a non-major interested in taking classes in the performing arts?

Here are some of the classes available to you:

Music Appreciation (MUS 1104)
Introduction to fundamental aspects of Western Art Music of major periods to give the student a basic understanding of the breadth and nature of this art form. This class is for non-majors only.

Theory/Fundamentals (MUS 1005/1006)
Development of understanding the basic components of the composition of music through reading and writing the symbolic notation as it appears on the page, and realizing the experimental and expressive content of music performance through singing, ear training, and practice at a keyboard instrument. This class is for non-majors only.

Survey of Music (MUS 2115/2116)
Music and composers of all historical periods will be heard and studied to acquaint the students with the music of Western Civilization. The emphasis will be on listening rather than on reading, writing, and performing music skills. This class is for non-majors only.

Applied Voice (MUS 2224)
Group voice lessons for beginners or for students at an early stage of vocal development. May be repeated for 1 credit. Consent of instructor required.

Music in America (MUS 3115-3116)
An introduction to the history and stylistic evolution of American music from the seventeenth century to the present.

Introduction to Theatre (TA 2014)
Appreciation and understanding of theatre through historical perspectives, comparison with other art forms, and primary acquaintance with practice and techniques of script interpretation, producing, directing, acting, and all aspects of design. This class is for non-majors only.

Introduction to Acting (TA 2024)
The course is designed to lead the non-theatre arts major to an awareness and appreciation of acting, both as a participant (actor) and as an observer (audience). Emphasis is placed on improvisation, ensemble, and scene work. This class is for non-majors only.

Introduction to Cinema (CINE 2054)
Introduction to film as a medium for artistic communication. Sophomore standing required. Open to majors and non-majors.

Introduction to Cinema Production (CINE 2064)
An introductory filmmaking course covering thematic conception, structuring story, writing, producing, directing, cinematography, sound recording and editing. Open to majors and non-majors.

American Film Genres: The Horror Film (CINE 3514)
Movie monsters, ghouls and zombies: horror movies and why they scare us! We’ll cover the history of movie horror, the great films and filmmakers, and what horror has been saying to us across the decades.

Creative Dance (TA 2204)
Study of the expressive elements of movement and dance and practice designing learning experiences for K-12 students. Open to majors and non-majors.

From Traditional Tactics to Tweets: An Introduction to Arts Marketing  (TA 2604 and MUS 2604)
Explore the ever-evolving world of arts marketing. The class examines traditional marketing tactics, experiment with new trends, and explore ways to combine traditional know-how with new tools available through technology. The class is open to students from any major at the sophomore level and above. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Arts Management: From Nonprofit Structures to Commercial Enterprises (TA 3604)
Who's going to write your paycheck when you get that job in a theatre? Or fund your film? Maybe you even want to start your own company. This hands-on course explores management structures and practices in both nonprofit and commercial arts organizations in the U.S. The class is open to students from any major at the sophomore level and above. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Playwriting (TA 3315/ 3316 and cross listed with ENGL)
A workshop course in the craft and art of playwriting which emphasizes the development of craft and the nurturing of vision and art. 3315: primary focus is on the writing of original scripts with additional attention paid to the work of influential playwrights and critics. 3316: workshop with a primary focus on the creative process of developing a play with the collaborative influences of a director, actors, designers, and other theatre professionals. Prerequisite for TA3315 is ENG1106 or 1204H or COMM1016 or consent of instructor.

African American Images in Film (CINE 3444 and cross listed with SOC)

Literature and Cinema (TA 3544 and cross listed with ENGL)
Works of literature and the films into which they have been transformed; emphasis on differences between media.

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