Named as one of the top six national transdisciplinary exemplars (a2ru, 2015), and one of the top eight research projects at Virginia Tech (DCist, 2014), a contemporary intermedia ensemble Linux Laptop Orchestra (L2Ork) [pronounced as lork] mixes traditional orchestra with increasingly accessible human-computer interaction technologies for the purpose of exploring expressive power of gesture, communal interaction, discipline-agnostic environment, and the multidimensionality of arts.

L2Ork, founded by Dr. Ivica Ico Bukvic in May 2009, is part of the interdisciplinary initiative by the Virginia Tech Digital Interactive Sound & Intermedia Studio and the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology. As the world’s first Linux-based laptop orchestra incorporating extensive study of gesture and Tai Chi choreography L2Ork offers optimal infrastructure for creative research at minimal cost. By providing a seamless integration of arts and sciences it is in part designed to provide access to integrative approach to education.

Since its inception, L2Ork has helped start seven laptop orchestras in North and South Americas, many of which rely heavily on its affordable design. L2Ork’s infrastructural backbone, Pd-L2Ork visual programming environment with its unique K-12 learning module has been utilized in dozens of K-12 Maker workshops, including the Raspberry Pi Orchestra summer gifted program introduced in 2014. In the fall 2016, the ensemble introduced World's first professional Raspberry Pi Orchestra.

L2Ork ensemble is a 1-credit-hour area 6 eligible course ope to all students. The ensemble class meets in the Digital Interactive Sound & Intermedia Studio (DISIS) located in the Newman Library Tuesdays and Thursdays 330-445pm. 

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