Music on Mondays: Brian Thorsett, tenor and Richard Masters, piano

Recital Salon, Squires | Music

November 30, 2015 at 7:30pm

This event was rescheduled from Oct. 19.

Brian Thorsett, tenor, and pianist Richard Masters, perform a recital.

On the program:

Betty Roe: "The Silver Hound" - a multi-movement piece for horn, tenor, and piano, based on "the Seven Ages of Man" by Shakespeare.  There are some really special moments in it.  Roe is a sill-living English composer (born in 1930).

John McCabe: Three English Folksongs for horn, tenor, and piano - McCabe just passed away this year - he was a terrific musician, and his folksong arrangements are very well done.  They're a little spiky, harmonically-speaking, not what you might expect for a folk song arrangement, which generally tend to be quite plain.
Five Songs by Herbert Howells: Howells was a British composer who's most known for his Requiem.  These songs are incredibly beautiful, particularly the one on a poem by Walter De la Mare, "The Three Cherry Trees."  The poem is strikingly beautiful and eerie at the same time.  The piano and vocal parts in that song are quite difficult, mostly because Howells was fond of tricky key signatures and using lots of accidentals!

David Conte: "Four American Ballads" -  These are all "death" ballads - they are traditional folk songs arranged by David Conte, and all four depict the death of the narrator.  For example, the last song is sung by Captain Kidd on the way to the gallows, while the first is sung by a young woman named Polly who has been wicked, but did not have a chance to repent her evil ways before death came upon her.  The harmonies are intense, as is the emotional impact of the songs!

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