Ivica Ico Bukvic

Ivica Ico Bukvic

Associate Professor - Composition, Multimedia

Ivica Ico Bukvic is the founder and director of the Digital Interactive Sound and Intermedia Studio (DISIS), and the world’s first Linux Laptop Orchestra (L2Ork) at Virginia Tech. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT), a member of the Center for Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI), and, by courtesy, a faculty member in the department of Computer Science. Since 2005, he serves as the director of the international Linuxaudio.org consortium.

Bukvic received his Doctorate in music composition in 2005 with cognates in computer music programming and music theory at the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati.  Prior to joining Virginia Tech, he taught at Oberlin Conservatory and University of Cincinnati.

Contact Me

phone: (540) 231-6139
313 Henderson Hall (0141) 
195 Alumni Mall 
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Areas of Expertise

  • Computer Music & Multimedia Design
  • Interactive Design and Installations
  • Laptop Orchestra
  • Data Sonification and Spatialization
  • Music and Mindfulness
  • Music Technology

Education & Training

  • D.M.A., University of Cincinnati - College Conservatory of Music
  • M.A., University of Cincinnati - College Conservatory of Music
  • B.A., University of Cincinnati - College Conservatory of Music

When do you first remember making the decision to go into the arts? What were the circumstances?

Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated by both arts and technology. Throughout my life the two were like helixes tightly wound one around the other. I always wanted to marry the two, but did not know how, in part because through my rather conservative education I was continually discouraged to do so. It was not until I got into College that I discovered "accepted" ways of combining the two.

Who has most influenced you? Why?

My greatest influence is my own family. Ever since I learned I was going to become a dad, my life took a dramatic turn and I never looked back. Even in the hardest of times, my family is what fuels my passion and gives me the energy to tackle even the toughest of challenges.

What is the most important quality for any student in the performing arts to cultivate?

I would like to extend this question to what are the most important qualities of any student. I believe it is a sense of confidence, self-sufficiency, and the ability to self-reflect and question. I believe that is the key to higher education and, ultimately, life-long success.

Arts in this case serve as that "outside the box" kind of creativity, unaffected by pre-existing laws and rules. Whomever can navigate such a nearly infinite space of possibilities will surely have the strength and persistence to tackle just about any obstacle.

Honors & Awards

  • AL Light & Architecture Design Awards (New York, 2013)
  • First Place in the First International Laptop Orchestra Competition (Montana University, 2011)
  • Excellence in Research and Creative Scholarship Award (VT CLAHS, 2011)
  • Teacher of the Week (VT CIDER, 2011)
  • XCaliber Award (VT, 2010)
  • Best Animated Short (San Francisco, 2009)
  • Creative Achievement Award (VT CAUS, 2009)
  • 20th Anniversary Electroclips Composition Contest (SEAMUS, 2006)
  • Grants and Sponsorships from:
    • National Science Foundation
    • Smithsonian Foundation
    • Croatian Ministry of Science, Education, and Sports
    • MSI Mobile
    • Sweetwater Inc.
    • Roland Inc.
    • Renoise Inc.
  • Three patent disclosures
  • Six digital signal processing tools

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