Aprl 20, 2021 at 5:30 p.m.

Virginia Tech Percussion, directed by Annie Stevens, presents an evening of percussion chamber music. Highlights include the premiere of Glow Dance! by Shruthi Rajasekar and the premiere of Eric Lyon's arrangement of Helter Skelter for marimba quartet. The students in the ensemble will also be performing with the Escape Ten duo's new line of marimba mallets made by Malletech! 

"Opening Remarks" (marimba quartet) by Jeffrey Smith
"ImPulse" (percussion quartet) by Austin Franklin
"Gravity" (mallet quintet) by Marc Mellits
"Escape" (trian"gle sextet) by Drew Worden
"Helter Skelter - (marimba quartet) arr. Eric Lyons
"Halo" (percussion trio) by Joe Moore
"Trance" (mallet quartet) by Ivan Trevino
"Glow Dance" (mallet trio) by Shruthi Rajasekar
"Living Room Music" by John Cage
"Nagoya Marimbas" by Steve Reich
"Inventions #2" (percussion duo) by Daniel Levitan
"Sizzle" (percussion quintet) by Nathan Daughtrey