April 5, 2021 at 7:30 p.m.

In the Fall of 2020, ensembles across the country were forced to cancel in-person ensembles or rehearse outdoors in limited numbers due to the pandemic.

Bands at Virginia Tech spent the semester rehearsing outside at The Marching Virginians Center. Creating this production had its own challenges. Students recorded each part individually with audio recorders in parking garages, dorm rooms, and practice rooms; any nook and cranny that was quiet enough to record.

The audio was edited together on top of live performance video shot all over campus to show off our magnificent campus. Each piece is a new version (inspired by the pandemic) of the original piece created for flexible instrumentation, allowing us to continue rehearsals when students needed to quarantine due to possible exposure to the Coronavirus.

The program includes:
"In This Broad Earth" - Steven Bryant
"Life Painting" - Aaron Perrine
"Forgotten Children" - Peter Meechan
"Tänze aus Terpsichore" - Michael Praetorius/arr. Pilato: Movements I, III, and V
"Let Me Be Frank" - John Mackey