Dec. 6, 7, 8, 2021 at 6 p.m.
All performances are held in the Cube,  Moss Arts Center

The VT New Music + Technology Festival will feature performances of new works by faculty and students from the School of Performing Arts, Creativity + Innovation, L2Ork Linux Laptop Orchestra, the Virginia Tech New Music Ensemble, and guest artists.

Monday, Dec. 6 at 6 p.m. Concert #1
Meditation for metal pipes (2021) by Emma O'Halloran
VT Percussion Ensemble
Peyton Gentry, Josh Hicks, Matthew Homoroc, Miranda Hughes, and Jay Smith

Meltwater (2021) by Brianna Magill
Brianna Magill, bass flute

The Strange Dream Hotline (2021) by Poltergeist
Poltergeist - Maggie Painter, saxophone and Caden Vandervoit, laptop

Time Garden: skull bridge (2021) by Charles Nichols
Scotty Hardwig, movement performance and choreography: Zach Duer, visulization

How Sweet the Thought of You as Infinite (2019) by Emma O'Halloran
Annie Stevens, marimba

Elastic Guitar 2 (2021) by Barry Moon
Barry Moon, elecgtric guitar

mouthfeel (2018) by Alwex Christie
Alex Christie, modified megaphone (flashing light warning)

Tuesday, Dec. 7 at 6 p.m. Concert #2
_-=◢▍ ▋░░▒ ▃▅▇░ (pronounced as "4th Beat") (2021) by L2Ork

L2Ork - Caleb Bittenbender, Ivica Ico Bukvic, Tanner Collins, Rebecca Kenealy, William Rhodes, Zaire Riddick, Carter Roberts III, Jacob Alan Smith, Alex Turse, Caden Vandervort, Pahlip Watson, Andrew Wickman. Directed by Ivica Ico Bukvic

Commodification of a Passion (2021) by Ethan Troxell

Maulwerke I (1968-74) by Dieter Schnebel
NME - Tejas Jagdhari and Caden Vandervort, voice and electronics

cycle (2021) by Caleb Bittenbender

Chimera (2021) by Phillip Watson

There Is (2021) is Griffin Knock
Griffin Knock, game controller, keyboard, and laptop

Live Happily! (2021) by Ai Le
Ai Le, nanoKontrol, keybard, and laptop

Meditation in Disharmony (2021) by Jason Davidoff
Jason Davidoff, almglocken and Wimote

Escape (2021) by Victor Cappuzzo
Victor Cappuzzo, nanoKontrol, keyboard, and laptop

VocodeΣ (2021) by Dawson Niccarato
Dawson Niccarato, voice, keybaords, and laptop

La Mezcolanza (2021) by Ben Nibbelink & Antonio Lopez Segura
Ben Nibbelink, keyboard; Antonio Lopez Segura, joystick and laptop

Maulwerke II (1968-74) by Dieter Schnebel
NME - Tegas Jagdhari and Caden Vandervort, voice and electronics

Wednesday, Dec. 8 at 6 p.m. Concert #3
ensemble of ice (2015, rev 2020) by Karen Power
NME - Clara Jonston, flute and saxophone; Maggie Painter, saxophone; Caden Vandervort, horn; Kainen Phillips, tuba; J.J. Cathcart, violi; kTejas Jaghari, guitar; Kyle Hutchins, piano; Eric Lyon, electronics

BLUE (2019) by Eric Lyon
Kyle Hutchins, tenor saxophone; Jay Crone, trombone