For students in the School of Performing Arts we're making efforts to encourage interdisciplinary study and practice.

Interdisciplinary Coursework

We now offer a special section of Introduction to Acting for Music Majors, and theatre majors can now take a Special Study in Basic Music Skills and Voice (singing lessons).

One of our newest offerings is Music for the Stage:  Opera and Theatre.  Solos and scenes traverse the rich canon of 16th century opera through modern-day Broadway.  Students intensively study both musical and theatrical aspects of their assigned scenes, which then culminate in a fully-staged public performance.

Additionally, the First Year Experience class (required for all entering freshmen) is now taught together by both music and theatre faculty to ensure that students from the three disciplines (music, theatre, and cinema) have the opportunity to meet, mingle, and study together.

And, select courses are now being cross-listed, including Introduction to Arts Marketing, to better assist our students in finding, taking, and exploring new topics that are relevant to their majors.

Keep checking back with us - - we will continue to expand our interdisciplinary offerings!

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