Music Education

This is a pre-certification program for students who are interested in becoming music educators in public or private elementary and secondary schools. Students may complete their certification to teach music while pursuing the Master of Arts in Education at Virginia Tech. Through field studies students gain more teaching experience than any other university in the region.


This program is fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the Virginia Department of Education. It combines two semesters of field experience with professional education course work. Contemporary education thought and extensive field experience are provided for each level of K-12 music education.

Laboratory Ensembles
Throughout their careers at Virginia Tech, students meet in a laboratory ensemble where they perform on secondary instruments and as a chorus. Faculty from public school music programs, nationally acclaimed artist teachers, and composers are often guest conductors of this ensemble. Music education students gain many valuable experiences through performing in, teaching, and conducting this group.

Musical Accomplishment
The music education curriculum requires the demonstration of musical excellence through the performance of degree recitals. These must provide evidence of the development of exemplary expressive and technical skills with the highest musical standards.

Field Studies and Student Teaching
After a screening process that includes interviews, auditions, and performance exams, students begin their field teaching experience during the junior year. Two semesters of laboratory teaching are then followed by two semesters of field experience at the graduate level. These extensive field studies and laboratory experiences give Virginia Tech music education students more teaching experience than any other university in the region, and it makes them very attractive candidates for teaching positions throughout the music education profession.

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A Student's Thoughts

"I chose the music education option because of the incredible professors and the variety of hands-on activities that we have available to us." - Caleb Copeland, Music Education and Math, Class of 2016

Careers in Music Education

Graduates from this program pursue careers as music teachers in public or private elementary and secondary schools.

Admission Requirements

An important feature of the music education program is its emphasis on quality above quantity. It is the School of Performing Arts' philosophy that only the best musicians and students are accepted. This standard keeps enrollment small and instruction personal. Successful students are admitted to the graduate school during their senior year of study.

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