Monday, March 20, 2023 at 8 p.m.
Squires Recital Salon

Kendra Wheeler is a saxophonist, educator, chamber musician, and collaborator, with academic emphases in musicology and music theory. Within Kendra’s artistry and teaching she aims to promote, advocate, teach and perform new works that embrace a multitude of cultures and perspectives. 

​Kendra embraces finding new mediums for the saxophone through interdisciplinary collaborations. To this end, she is a member of Alecto Duo, along with Kakia Gkoudina (composer, electronics, visuals). While often political in nature, Alecto Duo’s work is audiovisual, consisting of elements of contemporary music and cinematic tradition. 

As an educator, Kendra has presented masterclasses and lectures at major institutions throughout the United States and abroad, and has been invited to present pedagogical clinics and workshops.​ Kendra is Lecturer of Saxophone and Music Theory at Central Washington University where she teaches classical saxophone, saxophone quartet, music theory, aural skills, and single reed methods.