Monday, Nov. 27, 2023 at 8 p.m.
Squires Recital Salon

The Metropolitan Horn Authority is a contemporary horn quartet that takes aspects of classical and popular music and turns them into a unique concert experience. Through original arrangements they expose audiences to the wide range of the horn while showing off its versatility in different styles. With an emphasis on the live performance, the MHA makes sure to create a program that engages and connects with the audience.

Members of the Metropolitan Horn Authority are Kevin Newton, Ser Konvalin, Peter DelGrosso, and Blair Hamrick.

On the program:
"Seeking Every Resolution" – Nikea Randolph
"Ecos oníricos de la Basílica de San Marcos" – José Manuel Serrano (world premiere)
"Thunderhead Suite" – Peter DelGrosso
"Passing by Cignus X-1" – Joy Guidry (world premiere)
"Untethered" – Erin Busch (world premiere)
"Rip it Up" – Jessica Meyer

We are grateful to Main Street Inn and The Inn at Virginia Tech, the hotel sponsors for the Music on Mondays and Visiting Artist Series in the School of Performing Arts at Virginia Tech.